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Multi-Domain Certificates And Their Benefits

Multi-Domain Certificates (MDCs) are highly flexible and cost-effective SSL certificates available for use by Individuals and Organisations that own multiple domains/websites.

Subject Alternative Names (SANs)

Subject Alternative Name (SAN) is an extension to the X.509 specification that allows users to specify additional host names to be included in a single SSL certificate.

Multi-Domain Certificates include more than one domain name in one certificate using SAN extensions, and for this reason, they are also called SAN certificates.

The flexibility of Multi-Domain Certificates

Multi-Domain Certificates let you manage multiple domain names in a single SSL certificate. They are issued to one base domain (Common Name) and you can add up to 250 SANs into the same certificate.

Depending on the type of MDC you can add domain SANs or domain wildcard SANs.
Examples of domain SANs are,,, etc.
Examples of domain wildcard SANs are *, *, *, etc.

This means you can add all the website domain names that you operate into a single MDC. There is no need to buy individual certificates and no need to remember individual expiry dates for each domain's certificate. This is a huge convenience!

That's not all! You can also add/remove domains from your MDC as many times as you need by re-issuing the certificate at any time during its validity free of cost. If you need to add more SANs as you operate more domains, just add them, and continue to enjoy the convenience of a single certificate.

Cost-Effectiveness of Multi-Domain Certificates

Multi-Domain Certificates also offer a cost-effective approach to buying SSL certificates for those who operate multiple websites.

Buying a single MDC that covers multiple domains works out cheaper than buying an SSL certificate for each of the domains individually.

Buying a single Wildcard MDC that covers multiple domain wildcards works out cheaper than buying wildcard certificates for each domain. Even adding a wildcard SAN is cheaper than buying a wildcard SSL certificate for the domain.

Options Available

We currently have the most popular Multi-Domain Certificates available at huge discounts on our website.

If you need to add multiple domains (no sub-domains) then you can go for PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate.

If you need to add multiple domains and all their sub-domains then you can go for PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate.

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