Steps to purchase or renew SSL Certificates via getSSL by iWebz℠

Step 1 to Step 3 must be completed for you to receive the certificate files. Ensure the domain/host name for which you are requesting the certificate is active and accessible at all times till you complete Step 3. Tap each step to see more details for that step.

STEP 1: Place the SSL certificate (New / Renewal) order

The process to get a new certificate or renew an existing one is the same. See Renewal FAQs

STEP 2: Enter details for Certificate Generation on Enrollment link provided by iWebz
This step needs to be done by someone who knows how to install the SSL certificate on your web server / shared web hosting control panel.
  • After paying the invoice amount you will be taken to the Order Details page from where you can launch the Certificate Enrollment form to provide details to generate the certificate properly.
  • If you wish to return to the form later, a link to the form will also be sent via email and will be available on the Order Details page. On clicking the link the Certificate Enrollment form will display in your web browser.
  • For new orders, select Order Type as New. For renewals, select Order Type as Renew and select remaining days till expiry of previous certificate.
  • Provide details for Validation method selection, CSR, Web server details, Email Approver (if Email validation is selected), etc.
  • Submit the Enrollment form.
STEP 3: Validate your domain name ownership to get certificate files from CA
  • As soon as you submit the Enrollment form:
    • If you selected Email Validation, CA will immediately email a verification web link to your selected approver email address.
    • If you selected DNS Validation, you will need to add a DNS (CNAME / TXT) record for your domain name.
    • If you selected File Validation, you will need to upload a file to a special directory / folder in the domain name root.
  • Within an hour of completing the validation from your end, the CA will email you the SSL certificate files.
  • The certificate files will be sent in the format as per the Web server details selected by you on the Enrollment form.
Install certificate on your web server(s)