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Select a Website Backup System as if Business depends on it

Importance Of Website Backups In most cases freelancers and small business attach little to no importance to website data backup until their website is infected with malware, is malfunctioning due to coding error, or is just lost due to a crash! Using the right website backup system can mitigate these otherwise disastrous website problems. Malware […]

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How To Whitelist CodeGuard IP Addresses in cPanel

In order for CodeGuard to access your database for backup, you may need to whitelist CodeGuard’s IP addresses. The way to do that varies by web hosting company and platform. We’ve written this article to help you whitelist CodeGuard IP addresses on cPanel, which may be necessary for CodeGuard to function correctly in backing up […]

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How to Back Up a MySQL Database with CodeGuard

CodeGuard does far more than just back up websites, it can back up databases, too. Once you’ve configured CodeGuard to back up your site via SFTP, CodeGuard backs up your SQL database in just a few steps, too. In this article we’ll look at how to back up your MySQL database using CodeGuard. Before getting […]

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Website Backups via CodeGuard WordPress Plugin

CodeGuard is truly a game-changing security product, providing full-automated site scans, one-click backups and version control. If you, like so many of the world’s top websites, are using WordPress as your CMS, setting up CodeGuard WordPress plugin is a simple three-step process. Note: The WordPress plugin is the fastest, easiest way to set up CodeGuard. […]

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How To Setup CodeGuard Website Backups via FTP or SFTP

CodeGuard is an incredibly versatile security product – one that can do far more than just create one-click website backups. You can also backup databases, scan for malware and even take advantage of its Git versioning feature. But before you can do any of that, you have to set it up. CodeGuard provides two options […]