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Low-cost Wildcard SSL Certificates

In the interest of offering our customers the best price on SSL certificates, we would like to inform you that low-cost PositiveSSL Wildcard certificates from Sectigo (previously Comodo) are now available from our sister-website iwebzsites.com

What are Wildcard SSL Certificates?

Wildcards are Domain Validated certificates which can be used with multiple websites or hostnames (sub-domains) setup on a single top-level domain name.

They are the cost-effective choice for Multiple Web, Mail, Database and Web Services / API Servers that use sub-domains of a SINGLE domain.

What is the difference when ordering from iWebzSites?

For starters your savings will be over ₹1,750 since the price there is fixed at ₹6,960 (incl. 18% GST).

Secondly, although that website is also operated by the same company, it is a separate website with a separate control panel. So you need to register on that website to buy the certificate.

You can find more information about ordering SSL certificates and other related activities in the knowledge base.

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