Multi-Domain SSL / SAN Certificates price in India

Looking to cover all your domains with a SINGLE certificate?

multi-domain certificates mdc sslMulti-Domain SSL / SAN Certificates offer easy certificate management by supporting MULTIPLE domains with just ONE certificate

Multi-Domain SSL / SAN certificates are a type of DV SSL certificate that can cover multiple domains with just a single SSL certificate.

1 SAN = 1 Domain name

When you request the certificate you use a CSR for a base www domain and add additional domains as Subject Alternative Names (SANs) during Certificate Enrollment. You cannot change the base domain for the certificate, but you can change the domains covered by SANs whenever you need to by re-issuing the certificate as many times as you need during validity.

A multi-domain SSL certificate (with 2 SANs) covers 3 domain names for example, and, and will protect,,,, and, which is set up on a different domain name. However, it will not cover any other sub-domains of the two domain names since it has no wildcard support on each SAN.

Also, a multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate (with 2 SANs) covers 1 domain name and 2 domain name wildcards for example, * and *, and will protect,,  and,,,,, which are multiple sub-domains setup on different domain names. Here there is wildcard support on each SAN.

All domains must be owned by the same individual/organisation.

Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL
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one year validity


2 SANs included - One www base domain plus upto 2 wildcard domains

256-bit encryption

Issued within a day

$10,000 warranty

FREE reissuance

PC supported

Mobile supported

Site Seal

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Regular SSL Certificate

Recommended for blogs, websites, and single subdomains

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Recommended for websites with multiple sub-domains