no file-based domain validation for wildcard ssl

File-based Domain Validation ends for Wildcard SSL

Domain Control Validation or Domain Validation is the method by which users requesting an issue/re-issue of an SSL certificate can validate ownership of the domain/sub-domain for which it is being requested. File-based domain validation is a method of domain validation in which you validate domain ownership by uploading a file with a specific file name […]

multi-domain certificates mdc ssl

Multi-Domain Certificates And Their Benefits

Multi-Domain Certificates (MDCs) are highly flexible and cost-effective SSL certificates available for use by Individuals and Organisations that own multiple domains/websites.Subject Alternative Names (SANs)Subject Alternative Name (SAN) is an extension to the X.509 specification that allows users to specify additional host names to be included in a single SSL certificate.Multi-Domain Certificates include more than one domain […]

wildcard ssl

Are SSL Certificates issued to Domains valid for Subdomains?

SSL certificates are issued to domains and subdomains after domain validation. But can the same certificate be used for domains and their subdomains? What are Domains and Sub-Domains? Domains or domain names or FQDNs are the publicly assigned address for your website. For example, is the domain/address for this website. A sub-domain is an […]

add caa record

CAA record affects your SSL Certificate order

What is a CAA record? Certification Authority Authorization or CAA record is a type of DNS record used to specify which Certificate Authority (CA) is allowed to issue certificates for a domain. Only the CAs listed in the record are allowed to issue certificates for that hostname. This DNS record can affect orders for any […]

wildcard ssl

Low-cost Wildcard SSL Certificates

In the interest of offering our customers the best price on SSL certificates, we would like to inform you that low-cost PositiveSSL Wildcard certificates from Sectigo (previously Comodo) are now available from our sister-website What are Wildcard SSL Certificates? Wildcards are Domain Validated certificates which can be used with multiple websites or hostnames (sub-domains) […]