Get Your SSL Certificate Almost Free By Referring New Customers!!

This referral discount/reward program is only for users in India referring new customers from India.

Earn discounts for future orders by referring new customers with your unique referral link.

  1. Simply use your email address to sign-in and get your referral link.
  2. Use the referral link to refer new customers for paid orders.
    New customers also get a new website discount as mentioned on the certificate details page.
  3. To redeem referral earnings, place your certificate order and use your customer email address linked to the referral link.

You need to signup as a user to accumulate referral discounts. You can accumulate referral discounts even before you place your first SSL certificate order. This way you can get your paid certificate almost free of cost!

You will get the credit even if your referred visitors place their first order upto 30 days from the date you referred them.

Your referred visitors can also mention your email address when placing their certificate order, if they did not use your referral link.

The amount you earn depends on the certificate purchased by your referred visitor. You can see the referral discount you can earn by visiting any Regular and Wildcard certificate's details page. Higher priced certificates will get you higher referral discounts.

NOTE: Referral discounts credited to your account will be a percentage of amount paid by a new customer after discounts and before taxes.

Once you have earned some referral discount, you can redeem the accumulated discount simply by placing your next order using your account email address linked to your unique referral link.

The best part is that your earned referral discounts don't expire!