Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate – How To Select

Quick, Easy, Affordable Security For Websites

SSL certificates are only issued to domain name owners after they validate their domain ownership. The process of validating domain ownership is quick and completely online and is known as Domain Validation (DCV).

SSL certificates issued after Domain Validation are known as Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates. DV SSL is the most common type of SSL certificate and a quick & easy way to secure access to your website from a web browser, or your web server from a mobile app. Any DV SSL certificate, once correctly setup by the website owner, can give https benefits.

Our SSL Certificate recommendations based on features, price & warranty:

Brands Products Economy (Non-Ecommerce) High Value (Small Ecommerce) Premium (Large Ecommerce)
rapidssl-logo RapidSSL / FreeSSL tick
geotrust-logo QuickSSL Premium tick
thawte-logo SSL 123 tick
comodo logosectigo logo(most popular) PositiveSSL tick
Essential SSL tick
SSL tick
Types of Certificates & Usage Regular SSL Wildcard SSL
One certificate each per domain OR per sub-domain (OR,,
One certificate for a domain and all its sub-domains  AND  AND  AND


Regular SSL Certificate

Recommended for blogs, websites, and single subdomains

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Recommended for multiple websites & webservices or API servers