test order any certificate risk-free

Test Order Any Certificate, Understand Order Process

Test Order Any Certificate

We offer an exclusive feature for new users to understand all aspects of the order process for any paid certificate with ZERO risk. You can now test order any certificate of your interest. Then go through all steps and options of the certificate order process without making any payment.

Why order a Test SSL certificate?

Make sure you face no issues when placing a paid order for a live SSL certificate as you:

  • Get to know the Ordering, Certificate Enrollment, and Domain Validation (DCV) process.
  • After the test certificate is Active you can request a re-issue and get to know the Certificate Re-issue process.

Step 1 - Test Order Any Certificate - Placing the Order

Hit the Get Test Certificate button on any certificate's detail page. You can reach this page after you select the SSL certificate.

You will then be taken through the steps of placing your certificate order which includes the CSR check and submission of user details (including GSTIN for Indian businesses) for the order and invoice. In the case of a test certificate order, an invoice will not be generated.

Instead of the proforma invoice and payment page, you will proceed directly to the Order Details page on this website. An email will also be sent to you with details to complete the next step.

Step 2 - Certificate Enrollment

You can then launch the Certificate Enrollment form from the Order Details page. This is where you will submit details for certificate generation such as Validation Method, CSR, Web Server platform, Contact Details for Certifying Authority, etc.

When you submit info for Certificate Enrollment you will see details of completing the next step i.e. Domain Validation. You can also see these details on the Order Details page on this website.

Step 3 - Domain Control Validation (DCV)

Based on the Domain Validation method you selected in the Certificate Enrollment form:

  • If you selected Email Validation, CA will immediately email a verification web link to your selected approver email address.
  • If you selected DNS Validation, you will need to add a DNS (CNAME TXT) record for your domain name.
  • If you selected File Validation, you will need to upload a file to a special directory / folder in the domain name root.

At this stage, you can test how the following options work on the Order Details page:

  • Change email approver for Email-based DCV using the set as approver buttons.
  • Change the DCV method from Email/File/DNS based to another using the buttons provided.
  • Use the Reset Order button if you wish to go change details in the Certificate Enrollment form such as CSR or Web Server platform.

When you complete the action required based on the DCV method, your certificate order will go Active in a few minutes. The CA will also email you the test or dummy certificate files.

You can also download the test certificate and last submitted CSR from the Order Details page on this website.

Select The Right Certificate For Your Website

Let us guide you to select the right SSL Certificate based on your requirements

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