SSL Renewal FAQs

Do you send email reminders before SSL certificate expiry?

Yes, we do send email reminders for SSL Certificate expiry reminders. You will get these emails from so please follow these tips to ensure these emails don’t go into spam.


How can I renew my SSL certificate?

A renewal is basically the same as buying a brand new certificate, “renewal” is simply an industry term that is used by all providers. So, you go through the exact same purchasing process to renew your certificate.

Simply place a fresh order for any SSL certificate to replace your expiring one. During certificate enrollment (Step 2) select order type as Renew.


Do I need to create a new CSR to renew my certificate?

We recommend that you generate a new CSR to renew your certificate for security reasons. However, if generating a new CSR proves to be challenging, you can use the original CSR to place the order.


I paid for my renewal, but why is my site not secure? Why does my website still display the old certificate?

Think of SSL like a ticket – when the old one expires you must toss it out and get a new one. When you have received the new certificate files, you need to install the new certificate files to secure your website. For your website to display the new certificate make sure that the new certificate files have replaced the old expiring certificate files. Also make sure any certificate-related settings on the web server are updated.