Steps to purchase or renew SSL Certificates via getSSL by iWebz℠

Step 1 to Step 3 must be completed for you to receive the certificate files. Tap each step to see more details for that step.

STEP 1: Place the SSL certificate (New / Renewal) order - You will do this

The process to get a new certificate or renew an existing one is the same. See Renewal FAQs

  • Provide the CSR text and buyer details to generate the order and invoice. Know more about CSR Generation
  • Check the invoice details before paying. (for Paid certificates only)
  • Pay the invoice amount. (for Paid certificates only)
    Cards, NetBanking, UPI and Digital Wallet payments accepted
STEP 2: Enter details for Certificate Generation on Enrollment link provided by iWebz - You will do this
This step needs to be done by someone who knows how to install the SSL certificate on your web server / shared web hosting control panel.
  • After paying the invoice amount you will be provided with an Enrollment link on the Order Details page to complete the certificate enrollment process.
  • On clicking the link an Enrollment form will display in your web browser.
  • Provide details such as Validation method selection, CSR, Web server details, Email Approver (if Email validation is selected), etc.
  • We recommend Email Validation method be selected as it is the fastest. See Domain Validation info before selecting method
  • Submit the Enrollment form.
STEP 3: Validate your domain name ownership to get certificate files from CA - You will do this
  • As soon as you submit the Enrollment form:
    • If you selected Email Validation, CA will email a verification web link to your selected approver email address. Validation will fail if you have selected an email address which you cannot access.
    • If you selected File Validation, you will need to upload a file to the domain name root. Validation will fail if you are unable to upload the file, or have any redirection in place.
    • If you selected DNS Validation, you will need to add a DNS (CNAME / TXT) record for your domain name. Validation will fail if you are unable to add the DNS entry.
  • Within an hour of completing the validation from your end, the CA will email you the SSL certificate files.
  • The certificate files will be sent in the format as per the Web server details selected by you on the Enrollment form.
STEP 4: Install certificate on your web server(s) - You will do this