SSL Certificate Retail Referral Program Terms

Referral program terms complement the Terms and Conditions of this website and were last updated 2nd June, 2022

  1. This Referral program is only applicable to referrers (users) who refer new customers from India who order retail SSL certificates from the website at .
  2. Referring customers (referrers) will earn discounts to be applied against their future orders based on the price of the first paid SSL Cetificate orders from their referred customers (referrals).
  3. Referral discounts are a percentage of the first amount paid by the customer referred i.e. their first paid order amount after discounts (if any) and before adding taxes. The discount percentage is displayed on the Account Info page here.
  4. This program is only applicable to sales referred from India on unique new customer referrals, on or after 16th June 2017, using the referrer’s official referral link.
  5. Customers cannot refer themselves i.e. the referrer’s email address cannot be the same as the referral’s email address placing the order. The referral has to be an email address that has never placed an order before.
  6. Domain names for which certificates have already been ordered from us will also not be considered as new customers even if the referral email address has not been used to place any order(s) before. This also applies to sub-domains of these domains.
  7. When the referral link is used by your referral to visit our website a 30-day cookie will be dropped in that web browser. If the referral uses another web browser to make a purchase, or the referral’s web browser does not accept cookies, you will not get the credit for that sale.
  8. Each referral has to place & pay for their order(s) within 30 days of being referred for the referrer to earn the referral discount.
    For example: If the referred prospect arrives on the website on 16th June, and then places & pays for an order before 16th July, then the referring customer is eligible for a discount based on that order amount before taxes.
  9. The referral discount for each order will be made available to be used by the referrer 30 days after their referral pays for each order.
    For example: If the referred prospect pays for an order on 16th June, then the referral discount based on that order amount will be available to the referring customer from 17th July.
  10. Referral discounts expire after a period of ONE year from the date of availability of referral discount, or if the referral program is discontinued, whichever is earlier.
  11. Referral discounts are non-transferable.
  12. Referral discount amounts will be accumulated until the next order by the referrer. The accumulated discount amount will be automatically applied and redeemed against the next order after the discount is available.
  13. Even if the discount balance exceeds or is equal to your next order amount, there is a minimum order payment of ₹10. Any leftover referral discount balance will be carried forward for the next order.
  14. Referral discounts against refunded orders will be adjusted against the referrer’s discount balance. If the discount is already redeemed the same will be recovered against the following order.
  15. Customers can only use the unique referral link provided on their Account Info page here.
  16. Please note that referrals, as recorded by our referral system software, are final and will not be modified under any circumstances.
  17. Any attempt to tamper with the referral process or system software will result in forfeit of earned discounts and permanent barring from this referral program.
  18. We reserve the right to end this program or modify this program at any time. The updated terms will always be available here.
  19. The Bulk Buy microsite at (wholesale SSL certificates) is not a part of this Referral program.
    • Referral discounts cannot be earned on orders placed by your referred customers on the Bulk Buy microsite.
    • Referral discounts earned in this program cannot be used to redeem discounts on the Bulk Buy microsite.

If you have any queries, you can contact iWebz Support.