cloudflare error 526 how to fix

Cloudflare Error 526 – How To Fix

Cloudflare Error 526Cloudflare Error 526: Invalid SSL certificate indicates that your SSL setting in the Cloudflare SSL/TLS app is set to Full SSL (Strict) for that website but Cloudflare is unable to successfully validate the SSL certificate on your origin website / web server.As you can see from the tip next to the Full (strict) […]

Using Cloudflare CDN for Free SSL Certificates

You may have heard that Cloudflare provides a free SSL Certificates for websites that use their CDN (Content Delivery Network) service.Before you decide to use Cloudflare CDN as a source of free SSL certificates here is what you should know about using their service.Cloudflare CDN is a technical service requiring correct configurationCloudflare CDN SSL certificates […]