Loyalty Program Terms for Retail SSL Certificate

Loyalty program terms complement the Terms and Conditions of this website and were last updated 23rd July, 2022

    1. This loyalty program is only applicable to customers from India who order retail SSL certificates from the website at www.getssl.in
    2. This loyalty program is only applicable to sales from India.
    3. Customers will earn discounts to be applied against their next order based on the total paid (without taxes) for all currently Active certificate orders. The total loyalty discount that can be earned is capped at 20%.
    4. Loyalty discounts are only available while the customer has Active certificate orders from past purchases, or when this program is discontinued.
    5. Loyalty discounts are non-transferable and will only be applied to the account where the previous SSL certificate orders were placed.
    6. The loyalty discount amount will be automatically applied against the next order as long as the discount is applicable.
    7. The loyalty discount is applied in addition to the already heavily discounted price, and the referral discount earned.
    8. We reserve the right to end this program or modify this program at any time. The updated terms will always be available here.
    9. The Bulk Buy microsite at www.getssl.in/reseller (wholesale SSL certificates) is not a part of this Loyalty program.
      • Loyalty discount cannot be earned on orders placed on the Bulk Buy microsite.
      • Loyalty discount earned in this program cannot be used on the Bulk Buy microsite.

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