Upto 90 Days Extra Validity On SSL Certificate Renewal

SSL Certificate Renewal

Renewing a SSL Certificate requires the following:

  1. Re-order the same certificate.
  2. Provide certificate generation details through the enrollment form.
  3. Validate the domain name ownership via Email/DNS/File method.
  4. Replace your expiring certificate files with the new certificate files.

While steps 1,3, and 4 are quite standard across all SSL Certificate resellers, renewing your SSL certificate using our service lets you get additional validity for your certificate in step 2.

Increasing Certificate Validity

To increase your certificate validity you must first place your order for the same certificate.

Once you have paid for the certificate order you will be displayed (and emailed) a certificate enrollment link.

When you open the link you will see the first page of the Certificate Enrollment form. Refer the image above to see what the start of the form looks like.

Before you proceed further with filling the form make sure you select Renew as Order Type. When you do this you will be shown a drop-down menu with options of 30/60/90 days.

Select the 90 days option to add an additional 90 days from the time of filling the Certificate Enrollment form.

For every 4 renewals of one year each, you can get the 5th year FREE by this method!

Ready to Renew/Re-Order?

Sign-in to your account to know which certificate you need to renew.
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