SSL Multi-Year Validity Discount Gone – What To Do?

Losing The Multi-Year Validity Discount

Getting a paid certificate for multi-year validity also got you multi-year validity discount i.e. your certificate’s per year cost reduced with every additional year of validity. Since 1st March 2018, CA/Browser Forum guidelines limit maximum certificate lifetime to TWO years.

However, Apple recently unilaterally announced that certificates with validity greater than one year will not be accepted by Safari browser and other Apple app ecosystems.

Google’s Chrome has also decided to join Apple in limiting SSL Certifcate validity.

Due to the combined popularity of both Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers, and Apple’s app ecosystem in iOS, beyond 1st September 2020, the maximum recommended validity of certificates will get shortened to 398 days i.e. ONE year and a few days grace period.

In this scenario, as a customer, you are missing out on the multi-year validity discount which was available for longer validity on certificates.

As a SSL certificate reseller our aim is to get you, our customer, the best price for your SSL certificate purchase.

We have observed that our customers prefer PositiveSSL certificate from Sectigo (prevously Comodo). Due to this we started a Bulk Buy section where web and mobile app developers can buy certificate credits in bulk at a discount for use in their customer’s website and app projects.

This gave us an idea how we can also help our other customers save as well!

A Flexible Solution

You can buy a pack of certificate credits in advance from our Bulk Buy/Wholesale SSL section with a discount on the current rate, and then redeem them to get certificates for your one or more websites over the next 3 to 5 years.

You get to lock-in today’s price for all your certificates. You can even redeem them to issue certificates for any other website of your choice.

Each certificate credit can be used at any time to issue one PositiveSSL certificate with one-year validity. More the credits in the pack, higher the discount!

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