http marked as not secure in chrome

HTTP websites to be marked Not Secure

On July 24th 2018, Google is releasing a new version of Google Chrome that will show a Not Secure warning on all HTTP websites. This is part of Google’s push to get all websites to switch to HTTPS.

What Is Google Changing And How Will It Impact My Website?

Beginning July24th, Google Chrome will start marking all HTTP websites as “Not Secure”. So if your website URL starts with http:// then your website visitors will see a “Not Secure” notice like this:
not secure notification in chrome

Don’t want your website to show as Not Secure? All you need to do is setup a SSL certificate and switch your website to use https by default on all pages. Once you do that, your website visitors will see this:
secure notification in chrome

Why should you care about how Google Chrome labels your website?

According to latest global statistics for the month of June 2018, Google Chrome is now at a market share of 66.87%. That means it is very likely 2 out of every 3 visitors to your website are using the Google Chrome web browser.

If a globally trusted browser tells its users a website is Not Secure then you can imagine the effect it will have on the .

Who will be affected?

Any wesbite without a valid SSL certificate will start showing the warning. This mean if a website has not setup a SSLcertificate, or if it’s certificate has expired, then visitor’s will see this Not Secure warning.

We urge you to check and ensure there is no disruption to your business due to your website missing out on a valid SSL certificate. If you need a certificate, you can get one at anytime from

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