ssl certificate in PEM format

How To Download The SSL Certificate Of A Website

Why Download the SSL Certificate of a Website?

The content of a SSL certificate is publicly available to web browsers so that they can determine the trust-level of a website to enable https access.

Besides this reason there can be many other legitimate reasons to download the publicly-available SSL certificate of a website.

For example, you may need to decode details of a certificate to remind yourself of it's expiry date and other info it contains.

Recently a customer needed to be shown that a revoked certificate installed by their web developer was not the one bought via our website.

The only way to do this was by letting them see the content of both the installed cert on their website and the cert available from their Order Details page.

Choosing The Method

While there are technical methods to download the SSL certificate installed for a website, we prefer to give you a very simple 2-step method using Qualys SSL Labs' free online Server Test tool.

Step-1: Visit the Server Test Page

qualys ssl labs server test

Qualys SSL Labs Server Test start page

Visit this direct link and enter your Hostname (domain name or sub-domain name) in the text input field. Then hit the Submit button. Wait a few minutes for the server test to complete.

Step-2: View or Download the Certificate

qualys ssl labs server test download certificate

Option to download server ssl certificate

Scroll down to a section called Certificate #1 and click the download icon as shown above. This will take you to another page with the content of the SSL certificate installed on the website.

ssl certificate in PEM format

SSL Certificate in PEM format

You can then View or Download the certificate content in PEM (text) format.

OPTIONAL: Download the Intermediate CA Certificate

qualys ssl labs server test additional certs

Sub-section to download CA certificate

Scroll down within the same section to see a sub-section called Additional Certificates and click the download icon as shown above.

qualys ssl labs server test ca pem cert

Website and CA certificate in PEM format

The intermediate CA certificate should be the one displayed below the website certificate.

More Online Tools

Visit our free-to-use online certificate tools section

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