Get upto ONE extra month on SSL Certificate renewal

Here is another reason to keep ordering your premium SSL certificates via getSSL by iWebz.

Renewing the SSL certificate for your domain name gets you ONE extra month of validity for the new SSL certificate. #

When your SSL certificate expires, you need to place a fresh order with a new CSR, select Renew during Certificate Enrollment, and follow the same domain validation process as you did for the previous SSL Certificate. More details on SSL certificate renewals

Value For Money = More Value + Lowest Price

When you renew ANY SSL certificate from iWebz for the SAME domain, you get the new SSL certificate with ONE month extra validity. #

For example, if you reorder a new SSL certificate for the same domain for ONE year (i.e. 12 months) validity, you get 13 months validity for the new certificate.

This promo is only valid if the expiring certificate for that domain was also ordered from getSSL by iWebz.

#Until the option to extend renewed duration is available from the Certifying Authority (CA).
Currently only valid on PositiveSSL and  Essential SSL certificates from Sectigo (previously COMODO).
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