no file-based domain validation for wildcard ssl

File-based Domain Validation ends for Wildcard SSL

Domain Control Validation or Domain Validation is the method by which users requesting an issue/re-issue of an SSL certificate can validate ownership of the domain/sub-domain for which it is being requested.

File-based domain validation is a method of domain validation in which you validate domain ownership by uploading a file with a specific file name and specific text content to your domain’s hosting space.

As we informed our newsletter subscribers on 3rd Sep 2021, there has been an important voting decision (Ballot SC45) taken by the CA/B Forum, a global body of Certifying Authorities (CAs) and Web Browser companies.

As a result of the voting, all CAs will stop issuing Wildcard SSL certificates validated with File-based domain control validation after 30th November 2021.

In order to avoid any confusion or unvalidated orders at the last minute, we are bringing forward the cut-off date on our website. Hence, after 11th November 2021 you will no longer be able to use the File DCV option with Wildcard SSL certificate new orders and re-issues on our website.

DNS-based and Email-based Domain Validation will be the only methods available for Wildcard SSL certificates on our website from 12th November 2021.

If any orders issues/re-issues are unvalidated beyond this date they will be switched to one of the other validation methods. You can then always switch between Email and DNS DCV methods.

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