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Bulk Buy Discounts For PositiveSSL Certificates

The PositiveSSL domain validated (DV) certificates issued by Sectigo CA (previously Comodo CA) has always been our top-selling SSL certificate.

Many of our web developer and agency customers regularly purchase these certificates with one-year validity from getSSL as a value-addition for their client’s website and app projects. So we decided to develop and offer a special section for such certificate resellers on our website that offers bulk buy discounts for purchases in advance.

Bulk Buy purchases can be made at a further discount on our current retail price in the form of packs of certificate credits. To make it easy to try out the process we have also made a pack of 1 certificate credit at the retail price so you can try out the process just when you need a certificate.

Each certificate credit can be used at any time to issue one PositiveSSL certificate with one-year validity. More the credits in the pack, higher the discount!

bulk buy dashboard

To bulk buy PositiveSSL certificates of one-year validity in advance:

  1. Visit and login at this link.
  2. Complete your billing profile (one-time only).
  3. Use the Add Credits option on this page.

To use certificate credits to request certificates:

  1. Visit and login at this link.
  2. Use the Use Credits option on this page.
  3. You can see credit usage records and status of requested certificates on this page.
  4. Click the Status displayed to see live status and instructions, if any.

To guide your customers you can refer to our Common Questions section.

If you need further clarity you can always Contact Support.


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