Let's Encrypt revoked

26 Jan 2022: Let’s Encrypt Revoking 2 Million Certificates

Let’s Encrypt has notified that it will begin revoking up to 2 million certificates by 16:00 UTC on 28th Jan 2022 due to these certificates being issued in a manner non-compliant with the TLS Using ALPN specification.

Is Your Certificate Affected?

If you have a Let’s Encrypt certificate issued between 06:48 UTC on 25th Jan 2022 and 00:48 UTC on 26th Jan 2022 then your certificate is most likely going to be affected.

If your certificate is not trusted after 28th Jan 2022, you can check to see if it has been revoked by using this online tool.

What Can You Do?

Considering that the existing affected certificates are going to be revoked starting 28th Jan, your only option is to replace the certificate as soon as possible.

There are two ways to replace your certificates quickly:

  1. Force renew all Let’s Encrypt certificates on your server using certbot or acme.sh commands. know how
  2. Re-issue fresh certificates in 5 minutes using our online tool.


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